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Pai To State AGs: Unwanted Robocalls Require Comprehensive Response

In addressing the National Association of Attorneys General (AG) on Monday in Washington, Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai first warned attendees to turn off their cellphones for fear of receiving a robocall while he spoke. Then the Chairman sounded a further clarion call for collaborative efforts to combat illegal robocalls, noting that “[s]cammers are…often … Continue Reading

Washington Update: TCPA Week In the Capital

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) “summit” announcements, a Congressional oversight hearing with all FCC Commissioners, proposals for default call-blocking services, yet more sponsors for the Senate’s TRACED Act, and a forceful  speech by Commissioner Michael O’Rielly calling for a “focus on real solutions, not maintaining overbroad regulations….” Where to begin? On Monday, in keeping with the … Continue Reading